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The Double-Duty Workout

Published: January 31st, 2014   |   Author: Jackie Gentilesco

Use two-in-one moves to intensify exercise

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A Sick Guide to Fitness

Published: January 21st, 2014   |   Author: Jessica Levine

Know when to skip and when to stick to your workout.

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8 Tips for Cold-Weather Cardio

Published: December 11th, 2013   |   Author: Jackie Gentilesco

Simple ways to stay active this season.

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4 Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Published: August 9th, 2013   |   Author: Nina Lincoff

It's time to shape up your habits.

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Fitness Walking for Beginners

Published: August 6th, 2013   |   Author: Nina Lincoff

Challenge yourself to get in shape, your way.

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Tai Chi for Beginners

Published: July 30th, 2013   |   Author: Nina Lincoff

Improve your posture, flexibility, and balance.

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4 Types of Dance for Every Mood

Published: July 25th, 2013   |   Author: Jackie Gentilesco

Move your body—it's good for your mind

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4 Paddling-Inspired Total-Body Moves

Published: July 23rd, 2013   |   Author: Jackie Gentilesco

No H2O required!

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