Activities to Escape Cabin Fever

Published: January 17th, 2014   |   Author: Jackie Gentilesco

Refresh with 8 fun and frugal outings

Rainy days or winter weather can leave you feeling landlocked. Take a break from the daily grind, if only for an hour, with getaways that don’t require vacation time or big commitment or expense. Remember: Staying healthy isn’t just about exercise and eating right—it’s about being physically active doing things you enjoy.

  1. Visit an open-air market.
    Grocery shop at a covered farmers’ market filled with the scent of fresh fruit and veggies (you’ll save money on food, too). Don’t forget to ask for samples!
  2. Get creative at an art class.
    Woodcarving, pottery, or painting—you pick. Chances are, there’s something inexpensive and artistic happening in your neighborhood. Ask about classes at local art retailers or browse the web for “art classes nearby.”
  3. Feed some birds.
    Let your inner ornithologist fly! Build a bird feeder using a milk jug and hang it up to help the winged ones. Or, bring bread scraps to birds at a nearby pond.
  4. Swing by a health food store.
    Natural food stores aren’t just for tree-hugging hippies; think of them as a library of good-for-you ingredients that you can use to make healthier meals. Familiarize yourself with foods such as polyphenol-packed matcha tea powder and goji berries to create healthy snacks.
  5. Tour the outdoors.
    Take an outdoors class or nature tour to learn about local flora and fauna. Or, enroll in an orienteering course to sharpen navigational skills.
  6. Attend an improv show.
    Enjoy candid comedy at a nearby theater instead of staying in. Most improv sketches run for thirty minutes to an hour and range from free to $10. Audience participation is often welcomed, if thee dare.
  7. Go maple sugaring.
    Tap some trees and spend time in nature for a sweet afternoon. If you don’t live near a maple forest, scout for other trees in the maple family such as birch and hickory, which also produce sap.
  8. Explore your local history.
    Take a walking tour of a conservation site, museum, or historical location in the area. Or, ask a public library archivist to point you toward historic photographs and newspapers.

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