13 Food Hacks for Healthier Meals

Published: June 5th, 2014   |   Author: Jackie Gentilesco

Nutritious and delicious recipe makeovers from Pinterest.

Good news for any person on a healthy-eating quest: There’s no need to give up foods you love—even if they’re slightly sinful or topped with gooey cheese. Check out our favorite Pinterest picks for cleaned-up comfort foods.

Pin it: Vegan Mac & Cheeze | KitchenGrrrls
Secret ingredients turn the ultimate comfort dish into a balanced 30-minute meal.

Pin it: New England Chowder | Divine Healthy Food
Swap in mushrooms for clams; cauliflower for cream, and you’ve got velvety low-fat vegan chowder.

Pin it: Black Bean Chocolate Fudge Cake | The Pancake Princess
This chocolate fudge cake is gluten-free and guiltless. No need to take a “cheat day” just to have a slice.

Pin it: Loaded Portobello Burger | This Rawsome Vegan Life
Looking to cut back on meat? If it weren’t for a double take, we’d swear this was a juicy burger.

Photo: Emily von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life

Pin it: Crispy General Tso’s Tofu | Domestic Superhero
For a healthier base than battered meat, drench high-protein tofu in that addictive sauce.

Photo: Lisa Pitman of Vegan Culinary Crusade

Pin it: Snack Pack Vegan Cheesecake | Vegan Culinary Crusade
A dreamy, New York-style cheesecake for one, made with bright lemon, sweet dates, and creamed cashews for the perfect texture.

Pin it: ‘Creamy’ Fettuccine Alfredo | Pursuit of Hippieness
7 simple ingredients, like walnuts for mental health, make for smooth Alfredo sauce.

Pin it: Green Mashed Potatoes | The Year in Food
Add greens to the recipe for nutritiously superior mash that you’ll love to resurface on St. Patty’s Day.

Pin it: Pizza Party! | Oatmeal with a Fork
Create lower-carb pizza crusts with eggplant slices, quinoa, or zucchini. Get the full list of recipes here.

Photo: Lauren Goslin of Oatmeal with a Fork

Pin it: Cheesy Sweet Potato Nachos | Hola Jalapeño
Replace tortilla chips with crunchy potatoes to get vitamins A and C, for sharp eyes and fighting free radicals. Don’t worry, there’s still cheese.

Pin it: Chickpea Cookie Dough Bites | Pumps and Iron
Stir into frozen banana ice cream or eat plain for instant joy and a helping of fiber.

Pin it: Veggie Sloppy Joes | The Curvy Carrot
Use squash and soy crumbles for leaner cookout food that still tastes like the deep South.

Pin it: Paleo Watermelon Cake | Paleo Cupboard
Curb cake cravings, quickly, with a frosting-topped wedge of melon.

Photo: Amy Densmore of Paleo Cupboard

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