5 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Published: December 20th, 2013   |   Author: Jackie Gentilesco

Make your goals sustainable.

Let 2014 be a year free of impulsive juice detoxes, crash dieting, and overcrowding the gym on January 2nd. Press reset with resolutions built to last and bring good health.

  1. Detox without depriving.
    Rather than sipping green juice and only green juice, focus on cutting out toxic foods and bringing in the good. To start: Get more water, more plants, and more moments of relaxation.
  2. Walk more every day.
    Walking is the workout for everyone! Visit a local nature trail or a long sidewalk with a warm drink or your favorite tunes, and suddenly exercise seems entertaining.
  3. Make new food traditions.
    If you hail from the lands of deep-dish pizza, creamy clam chowder, or street food quesadillas, it could be that your hometurf negatively influences your eating habits. If you can’t resist your local food scene, consider making it healthy at home. How about fish chowder?
  4. Keep track of your habits.
    Use apps, diagrams, and fitness inspiration boards as motivational tools to document your healthy habits. Studies show that food journaling, particularly, may help you lose weight.
  5. Try something, anything unfamiliar.
    Doing unfamiliar activities can boost your overall health and quality of life. Be it kickboxing, indoor rock climbing, or taking a French cooking class—try new, personal journeys to set the tone for your happiest, healthiest year.

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