4 Family Activities for the Holidays

Published: December 22nd, 2012 |

Get everyone moving during the happiest season of all!

Winter is officially here, and even in cold weather, there are plenty of opportunities to get the gang outside and on their feet. Enjoy valuable family time and the bonus of a little exercise after all those holiday sweets with these four fun ideas!

Get Crafty with Snow
If there’s fresh snow outside your window, make the most of it. Help the kids construct a snow fort, build a snowman or even a whole snow family, make snow angels, or spell out words in the snow with giant letters. Be sure everyone is bundled up!

Walk Through a Festive Neighborhood
Many towns have houses decorated with elaborate holiday lights. Instead of taking a driving tour through these local light shows, park the car and walk the neighborhood with your family. You’ll add some steps to your day and save some gas, and you’ll be able to stop and marvel at the decorations a little longer without holding up traffic.

Liven Up Your Lawn
Let the kids give your home a winter refresher. You don’t need strings of lights, and you don’t even need to spend any money. Gather everyone together to make decorations out of pinecones, branches, or things around the house, like old CDs.

Turn Your Games into Holiday Fun
Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t play your usual backyard games. Why not give them a little flair for the season? Try having a candy cane relay: Instead of a baton or stick, use a candy cane to hold and pass off. Or set up a scavenger hunt with symbols of the season: Hide gift bows or Hanukkah dreidels throughout the house and yard.

Does your family have any holiday activities that gets everyone moving? Share them with us below or tweet us @BetterForYou1!

—Will Markel

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