6 Fun Family Activities to Try This Season

Published: October 28th, 2016 |

Cooler weather brings new opportunities to get the whole family moving.

As the temperature falls, you might be tempted to gather the family inside and settle in for countless hours of TV watching. But the end of summer doesn't mean the end of outdoor fun. In fact, there are plenty of fall activities that can help your whole family move their bodies and bond at the same time.

For you, staying active "may reduce your blood pressure, lower stress, and burn some calories," says Carla Sottovia, PhD, the director of fitness and personal training education at the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas. For your kids, it's important they develop a habit of movement early on—and you play a crucial part in this. "The more parents are role models, the more likely the kids will continue to do those activities," says Dr. Sottovia. "It's good education for kids to look at an activity as something fun," rather than just exercise.

One popular fall activity for families of all sizes are Turkey Trots. These Thanksgiving Day charity run-or-walk races usually have routes for all levels, and most have a 5k option, which is approximately 3 miles. "Those are a great family event," says Dr. Sottovia. "Most kids can walk 3 miles."

Bundle up the family and try these other ideas for active family fun:

  • Take a walk or hike to admire the foliage
  • Jump in leaf piles (and rake them back up!)
  • Play a game of touch football
  • Navigate a corn maze
  • Go apple-picking at an orchard

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