My 10 Favorite Posts of 2013

Published: December 30th, 2013 |
Author: Sally Kuzemchak

A Go Mom Go year-end review—and goodbye.

For the last year and some change, I’ve been the voice behind “Go Mom Go”, a blog for the modern mom who wants to be smart about her family’s eating (and her own) but also wants to save money and time doing it. That description also happens to fit me to a “t.” Like all moms, I want to pack a better lunchbox, get smarter about meal planning, and instill a love of vegetables in my two kids. I keep an eye on food labels for things like artificial food dyes and strive to balance my desire to eat healthy organic food with my desire to pay my bills.

My tenure at “Go Mom Go” ends this week, and since this is the season for "year in review" lists of just about everything, I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and do my own. So here are my ten favorite posts from 2013:

  1. How to Shop at Whole Foods on a Budget!: I used to be equal parts intrigued and frightened by the natural foods market, mostly because I knew I would fall in love and want to buy everything—and end up maxing out my credit card. Thanks to these tips from Brianne DeRosa, I’m happy to report that I can now shop at Whole Foods without fear and have even found some real bargains (their store-brand natural peanut butter is a steal!).
  2. 5 Lunch Box Lessons: In the course of packing nearly 1,000 lunches, I’ve learned some valuable (and sometimes surprising) lessons about what works and what doesn’t. I’m guessing some of these changes could work for you too.
  3. My Favorite Packaged Foods: I actually enjoy the challenge of making my own staples such as tortillas and barbecue sauce, but like everyone else, I rely on some packaged stuff too. These are my go-to favorites.
  4. 12 Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast: One of the biggest surprises in my own household is how much my husband and kids have embraced nutritional yeast. They won’t eat popcorn without it, and my husband tries to season just about anything with it. If you haven’t tried it, you should!
  5. Grocery Shopping with Kids: A Survival Guide: The one where I confess to my son chewing a hole through a box of sugary cereal in the grocery store. What I left out: I put the box back on the shelf (looking back, that was not the right thing to do).
  6. How Dinner Bars Can Save Mealtime: This one is special to me because letting my kids serve themselves has really changed mealtime for us—the kids are taking what they want and how much they want. In the long run, I know that’s best for them.
  7. The “Just-One-Bite Rule”: Like a lot of moms, I used to require my kids to take at least one bite of each food at mealtimes. But I stopped that policy a couple of years ago and think it was for the best. I explain why in this post.
  8. What ALL Moms Should Know About Food Allergies: This one hits home for me because I witnessed a family member having an anaphylactic reaction to food this past summer. Even if your own kids don’t have food allergies, this is information ALL parents should know.
  9. Bullying in the Cafeteria: Bullying about food is a surprising but not uncommon occurrence—whether it’s kids making fun of “yucky healthy food” or the little food police putting down another child’s unhealthy white bread or Lunchable.
  10. Confessions of a Recovering Picky Eater: This was my most personal post, and I hope it will help other moms think about their own eating habits as children when they’re dealing with finicky eaters at their tables.

It’s been a joy writing this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Wishing you all the best for a terrific year ahead full of good things to eat—and hopefully some time to yourself, too.

—Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD

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